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Healing, relaxation, and conversation

Built to the exact angle and direction of the Pyramid of Giza, our 35' tall glass-fronted pyramid has been the object of a lot of interest and attention. Formed into three distinct rooms, this pyramid features an upstairs meditation room and a greenhouse meeting space, as well as an area specifically built so as to include the shipping department of AzureGreen.A view inside the pyramid at Beltane Hill

As the upstairs meditation room is still in the final stages of construction, most of the attention and visitors that the Pyramid at Beltane Hill has received has been within its lower greenhouse meeting space. Here we have held numerous lunch-time events, providing meals to the community and a coffee hour to guests, where we provide the coffee and you provide the conversation. It is a place for the employees of AzureGreen to relax and unwind as they take a break from the daily grind or eat their lunch away from the normal working environment.

The portion of the pyramid that extends into the AzureGreen shipping department has been specially built so as to allow AzureGreen to let every package that ships out rest beneath the pyramid structure. This is due to the unique healing and energetic properties that Pyramids possess according to both New Age and ancient belief; each package is charged with energy beneath the pyramid before it is shipped out to AzureGreen's customers. Visitors and guests who relax beneath the pyramid are also subject to these same beneficial qualities.

Feel free to stop in and enjoy our coffee hour, which starts at 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.