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A place for community and shared wellness

Though primarily serving as the new home for our family-run mail order business AzureGreen, our new building on Beltane Hill has so much more to offer, both to the local community and to our spiritual community as well and in the years to come we hope to see it grow to meet this potential.

A community lunch event, held in the pyramid. In this first year alone, we have hosted weddings on Beltane Hill's grounds, began holding a daily coffee hour and have hosted several community lunches in our beautiful greenhouse pyramid, welcomed engineering students up to Middlefield to study our use of green technology, celebrated Halloween by giving candy out to the local children, and had a fantastic 4th of July celebration around (and in!) the completed swimming pond, which has since become a regular summer spot for many of our neighbors and friends.

We have only just begun to explore the possibilities of what we can do with the space and resources of this new building, and the beautiful land that surrounds it. For many of our future dreams, like providing a good environment for classes of all sorts and a gallery space for artists, Conversation in the Pyramid we are ready to begin right away, while others, like the community kitchen or non-profit daycare and afterschool programs are still going to take a little time, and a lot of work and community support!

In the meantime we are simply enjoying the journey, one step at a time, as we watch our community come together, enjoying the resources we share with one another in celebration, cooperative spirit, and the shared goal of bettering one another's lives.