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  • Eco Exchange features Beltane Hill

    Eco Exchange, a television program on WGBY 57, featured Beltane Hill and AzureGreen, exploring our 35' tall glass pyramid, our geothermal system, and other invovations that help us maintain a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Merlin on the Radio

    Merlin stepped into the studio with Lady Blue

    Discussing new age and wiccan culture, AzureGreen, and how it all blends together, Lady Blue brought Merlin into the studio for two seperate interviews on the only radio show The Remix, hosted by Ms. Blue. Both of these episodes are still available on demand at

  • Making it Here- Different Ways of Doing Business

    A visit to AzureGreen was featured in season six of WGBY's television program Making it Here, in which they visted Adair and Marin, the owners of AzureGreen, to discover how AzureGreen ran their business out of Adair and Marin's home in Middlefield, MA.

  • Business West- Seasons of the Witch

    Through Niche Products and New Philosophies, AzureGreen Flourishes

    by Jaclyn C. Stevenson

    Prison inmates, prime-time television, and the Catholic Church are some of AzureGreenís biggest customers.

    Adair Laurel-Cafarella and Tamarin Laurel-Paine, the married couple who own AzureGreen, a retail and wholesale distribution company based in the tiny hilltown of Middlefield, donít see that as particularly strange; the companyís product list runs the gamut from candles to cauldrons, posters to pendulums, and teas to tinctures. They sell a wide variety of items related to various faiths and practices, including paganism, Japanese Shintoism, and witchcraft, and as its owners contend, niche products attract niche customers ó all kinds, from around the world.

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